Friday, July 25, 2014

And Welcome to 2014

I am pretty sure this is far more out of delaying my paper than anyone reading this, but I started something and I promised it would not be consistent. I guess this is where the time comes for me to state that 2.5 years later from my last post I am literally in a totally different place (also I sure hope my writing skills have improved exponentially). I am anticipating the August fifth flight back to NYC to start my (hopefully) final two semesters of my Masters Degree. I have been blessed to watch God move in my life since the very first moment I stepped into Korean church. This is something that is now such a big part of my heart that I honestly could not imagine being in another type of ministry. Its pretty incredible to love people in the capacity I have been able to over the past three and half years. God has proven himself to be continuously faithful. There are always moments in life where we need to do like the Israelites and Joshua and place a memorial of stones, a stake in the ground, some form of marker that this is something we can never forget. I have had many things happen in my life over the past three and a half years that point me back to God and all that he has done in my life. What I have witnessed him do across the globe and in my own life reminds me he is sovereign. God has been good. To write, reflect, or take photos, are an attempt to make moments last... in my life, I want to do more than that with some very significant moments, I want to make a stake in the ground that I can go back to. For those moments are reminders when the times get dark and troubling, when God seems far and silent, I will look back and see what he has done, so I can trust what he has promised me. That he is an ever present help and that those he calls he equips. One truth that has been wrecking my heart again and again is the fact that God chose me. I have failed him so many times, yet he still chose me. He still called me into his Kingdom work and although I am not sure how the next few years will come to be, this I do know, God is good and worthy of praise. Where ever I may end up, I pray it is simple response of my love for God revealed in obedience and trust of the God who calls nations to himself. Below in a picture of the gantry. Its a place I love to go, I can see the city lights, hear the ocean against the rocks, and for a moment feel like it is just me and God in NYC. This was the place, the night before heading home to Canada for two months, where I placed a stake in the ground. It was a moment that although a fog had set in the city, there was an incredible clarity in my heart and spirit, I chose there once again that my life will be set apart for God and his kingdom purposes. A moment where I declared that I would walk in light of the cross for the rest of my days. I would trust that God who called would open up the doors necessary for my return to NYC and that I would continue to look for his hand in my life no matter where I may be.

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